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This Works Internationally

Our Blogging Empire teachings will work for you where ever you may be based in the world.

HD Video Training

High Definition Ttraining Videos mean our blogging course is much easier for you to be able to follow.

Web Hosting Included

Every great website needs robust and reliable website hosting. course is much easier for you to be able to

How To Profit Blogging

High Definition Ttraining Videos mean our blogging course is much easier for you to be able to follow.

NO Programming knowledge

Nerds/Techies need NOT apply!..You DO NOT need to know coding to be able to build an Awesome blog with us.

Promotion & Marketing

We also show you how to market and promote your finished Blog the right way, for a faster route to profits.

ALL the Tools you need

We provide you with all the tools you need to be able to build your own successful blogging empire - right here

UNLIMITED Help & Support

Our team are right here for you on your Blogging journey. That's Unlimited FREE help & support - ALWAYS

Welcome to My Blogging Empire
Learn how to build your own Blogging Empire with us - then make it profitable. You get everything you need including all the required tools and in-detail Step-By-Step Video training on how to build your own profitable blog in any niche..

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Have you ever asked yourself: why should I have a blog?

Have you ever wanted to start & build your own successful blog, but you have never known exactly how to?

Have you ever wondered if you even need to have a website nowadays - let alone a blog. And if you do have a blog, will it be of any use to you.

If yes, then we are here to help you to do this at My Blogging

Blogging can be one of the best ways to have a near-instant online presence. And if done right, Blogging can also be quite profitable too.

My Blogging Empire is here to help guide you through the dos and don't of having your own successful blog - and even turning it into a successful Blogging Empire.

Start your own blogging empire from scratch
Here's a few good reasons why YOU NEED to start a Blog As Soon As Possible!...
Google Loves Blogs My Blogging Empire natural SEO

1. Google absolutely LOVES Blogs!...

Google and just ALL of the other Search Engines out there absolutely LOVE blogs - but why?....

...Search Engines consider Blogs to be: Fun, informative, regularly updated with fresh content and great for those who like to read.

They much prefer Blogs over say an E-commerce website - as these are usually just trying to sell someone something.

Blog frequently and just watch your websites visitor traffic GROW!


2. Blogs can be very proffitable!

Google and just about most of the other Search Engines out there absolutely LOVE blogs?

If yes, then we are here to help you to do this at My Blogging


Start a profitable blog - My Blogging Empire training
Blogs allow you to be able to connect with your audience

3. Blogs connect you to your audience

Place a 'Subscribe' button on your blog and it can be a really great way for the visitors of your website to be able to become loyal followers of you and your content.

A blog enables you to be able to connect directly with your audience like no other platform can.


4. Blogs are just Awesome!

Be it for personal use, business or pleasure, having a blog is seen as an essential strategy nowadays.

If yes, then we are here to help you to do this at My Blogging

It's a fact that Blogs are just AWESOME to have!


I blog Awesome cartoon man
Express yourself via your own internet blogging website

5. Blogs allow you to Express yourself

What ever your viewpoint on the world,  a blog is the perfect place to be able to express yourself to like-minded individuals.

A blog enables you to be able to connect directly with your audience like no other platform can.


Get ready to become a Blogging Expert!...
You get instant access to our Blogging Course & Community
Step-By-Step Video Training On building a profitable Blog
Here are the training modules that we will be taking you through as you learn how to build your own blog completely from scratch.
Finding/Choosing a Domain Name
Domain Names - My Blogging Empire drop shipping course
Website Hosting Requirements & Tips
Website Hosting - My Blogging Empire course
Installing & Setting Up your new Blog
Installing and setting up your Blog - My Blogging Empire
Theming & Designing Your Blog
My Blogging Empire - Theming your Blog
Menus, Structure and Plug-ins
Menus structure and Plug-ins - My Blogging Empire
Blogging Tactics, hints and tips to Rank
Blogging hints and tactics - My blogging empire
SEO and Adding Content Correctly
SEO content and My blogging empire strategy
Monetizing Your Blog
Monetising Your Blog - My Blogging Empire
Social Media & Scaling UP!
Social media and scaling up - My Blogging Empire
Here' a few different Types of Blogs that YOU could create

Once you know the basics of how to build your own blog, then the type of Blog that you create with your knowledge is up to you.

YOU could...

Build A Travel Blog

Build A Business Blog

Build A Food Blog

Learn exactly how to start a travel blog with us
Travel Blogging is one of the hottest crazes around and a really great way to build a loyal following as people will love to see where you are off to next
Learn how to start a business blog from scratch my Blogging
They say that every business should have a Blog whatever your industry. Our course will show you how to 'bolt' a Blog on to yout existing business website.
Learn how to start a food Blog step by step
Food is another topic that people tend to be very passionate about. If you are a 'foodie', you could teach people how to cook or just show off your skills as a chef.

Build An Affiliate Blog

Build a profitable blogging website from scratch
Food is another topic that people tend to be very passionate about. If you are a 'foodie', you could teach people how to cook or just show off your skills as a chef.

Build A Personal Blog

My Blogging Empire - Keeping it personal how to Blog
An affiliate Blog will allow you to monetize your blog simply by referring others to products and services that earn you an income for each sale. right now.

Build A Hobbie Blog

You could start a hobbie blog - Learn how to start your own blog
Whatever your hobbies or passion may be, you can now use your blog to reach out to other like-minded individuals. Starting a Blog dedicated to your hobbie is how.
Get Ready to Build Mobile Friendly Blogs
Our blog building courses teaches you how to be able to create a responsive blog - which means it will look great on any device.

Our Blogging course and community teaches you how to build fully responsive blogging websites. A fully responsive website is one that automatically 'renders' (resizes)  to look great on ALL of today's modern devices.

So, whether visitors to your Blog are using a Computer, Laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone, they will always see the layout of your website according to their device. This all happens automatically behind the scenes.

Having a responsive website will enable you to be ready for every new visitor/lead to your blog.

Did you hear the one about the Guy that made OVER $1m By Blogging - with just a Travel Blog?

We are not at all saying or promising that you will make anywhere near this kind of money with your blog, but it does give you a good idea of what can be possible if a blog & Blogging is taken seriously! 

The dude below started with nothing and was flat broke...

It's absolutely NO Joke!....

REMEMBER: Legally we can not and will not suggest that you will make anywhere near this amount with your own blog, but it does show you just what can be possible with just a Blog IF all the hard work and effort is put in behind the scenes in order to make it a success.

The guy to your right set up his own Travel Blog at a time in his life when he was completely broke, stressed and wanting to find a way to make a reliable income online.

He has so far managed to make over 1.5 Million (That's MILLION!) Dollars online from his Travel Blog. 

Blogging is Powerful!...

This guy made over one million dollars by Blogging online
So, it's decision time!.... Are you finally ready to start your own Successful Blogging Business with our Help & Support?...
...I Will See you On the Inside!...
Become a My Blogging Empire member today, learn how to build your own Bloggin Empire
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Frequently Asked questions

What exactly is My Blogging Empire?

My Blogging Empire is a Blogging Membership Course & Community that aims to teach you all you could need/want to know in order to be able to build your own blogging website completely from scratch - all without needing you to be some exprert programmer or even to touch a single line of code.

How much is it to become a Member?

Becoming a valued member with us here at My Blogging Empire is purposefully made as easy as is possible. Click Here to View Current Pricing Packages.

Is everything that I need included in the members Area?

Yes, absolutely! We have not left out a single thing when it comes to eabling you to reach the end goal of setting up your own profitable blog. All the tool you need are right here inside our exclusive members area.

Do I need to know Coding/Programming to take your course?

In short NO, Our Blogging Course and community has been specifically designed to be for those who have little to no prior website design/coding knowledge. This is for you even if you have never touched a website before.

What type of Blogging Website can I set up?

You can set up any type of Blog with the knowledge you will gain from our course. Everything from a Travel Blog, to Fashion or even to tell the world about your favourite hobby.

I am a complete 'newbie', is this for me?

It's OK, our Blogging course and community was built for people just like you. This is why our training videos and Step-By-Step and will cover all you need to know without boring you.
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